By: Adewale Ajayi


  1. HAJJ GAFAR. Every year, he exports atleast ten talents abroad. As at January 2024, this man has exported over 100 footballers to Europe, Asia, South America and North America in just under two decades. His name rings a bell around the world. Do not forget that he was also at the forefront of negotiations in the deal that took Victor Osimhen to Wolfsburg and later Napoli. His reputation as one of football’s best talent promoters also meant he was involved in the deal that took Sunusi Ibrahim to FC Montreal.
    He is always on the lookout for the next available talents. Every year, this man organizes more than 8 competitions from personal purse. No individual or state has done better. He invites top agents from across the world to Nigeria and has helped to rebrand the image of Nigeria before the international community. Hajj Gafar stands out among his contemporaries as the leader in this game and now has a chance to change the narratives and give Lagos state football a new lease of life. The game can only get better in the state
  2. CHURCHILL OLISEH….. He had three players in the Super Eagles team that went to the last AFCON. He has been in this business for over two decades. As chairman and financier of FC Ebedei, this is another responsible and reliable football administrator. As at today, Churchill has exported over 70 talents abroad. Churchill started way back, when the likes of Princess Bola Jegede and a certain Emmanuel Ibru, the owner of FC Racine and son of the great business mogul were dominating the football market. Today, Churchill is the silent and decent talent hunter with lots of successes. He has built his empire within and outside Nigeria. He no dey make noise.
  3. ABBA MUKTAR. This is the most industrious and most brilliant FA chairman in today’s Nigeria football. He has positioned men and women for greater achievements. ABBA Muktar rose from a family of great men. He was born into wealth, his spoon was not silver at birth, it was gold. His connections spread beyond Africa. He works with top football agents around the world and has good relationship with the likes of Sadiq Umar, Ahmed Musa and the rave of the moment, Alhassan Yusuf. Yusuf is one of his few discoveries that have flourished to National limelight but he has many more on the wings waiting to blossom. The FCT FA is currently the most active and most resourceful. They don’t make noise but the results are obvious
  4. KUNLE SONAME…… Watch out for this name. He is on a mission and his glory will not fade. A father of many nations, a giver with a clean and clear heart. He is the light of Western Nigeria, the man who truly understands the business of football. Out there in Ikene Remo, this multi billionaire has successfully erected one of Nigeria’s finest football stadium that houses so much but not well publicized. His reach is beyond football. He promotes every youth with a talent. He is currently sponsoring table tennis, Rugby, basketball and much more. A philanthropist without bias. He stretches his hands to anyone that is within reach.
    Today, Remo stars football club has emerged as a top four contender every season. They were in the continent last time out and will return very soon.

Then there is the BEYOND LIMITS, mark that name!. They only recently made history as the first African team to win the Viareggio cup. Out of that team, five players are set to move into European football limelight. Remember the youngman who moved from Remo stars to Inter Milan first team? His name is Ebenezer Akinsanmiro. He is a product of Beyond limits. That tells you the work that is happening out there in Remo. A lot of scouting, a lot of training and with it, comes some rich discoveries.

  1. BUKOLA OLOPADE. This name will surprise many. Like what the former FA chairman of Lagos state. Seyi Akinwunmi did many years ago by getting top talents into the DaySpring international school in Lekki, Lagos state, Bukola Olopade, the chairman and financier of Nilayo fc presently have 23 players in a school in Abeokuta. These are the best young talents in Ogun state they have won every youth competitions in the state in the last two years. They are studying and playing. A few may find their way into the golden eaglets if identified. His mission is to watch them grow and export as many as he can. The vision is rich. I wish him well.
  2. SEGUN ODEGBAMI FOOTBALL ACADEMY is also doing wonders but we are monitoring


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