How Enyimba FC inspired Peter Onyekachi to become a good footballer.


By Mazi Jaka

Born in the commercial city of Aba on May 6, 1994  and now 29 years of Nigeria, Peter Onyekachi dares to dream and today he is making waves in the Israeli league.

Peter Onyekachi was inspired to become a good footballer by watching Enyimba FC, a popular Nigerian football club known for its success and the quality of its players. Seeing the dedication, skill, and teamwork of the players on the field motivated Peter to pursue his own dreams of becoming a professional footballer.

He was particularly inspired by the way Enyimba FC players worked hard in training and games, constantly striving to improve and achieve success. Watching them play with passion and determination, Peter realized that with hard work and dedication, he too could reach his goals in football.

Enyimba FC’s success in national and continental competitions also motivated Peter to aim high and set ambitious goals for himself. The club’s achievements served as a reminder that with commitment and perseverance, anything is possible in football.

The former Nigerian national U23 star, Peter Onyekachi, has revealed that watching Nigerian Premier Football League (NPFL) giants, Enyimba FC of Aba, inspired his dream to become a professional football player.

Onyekachi, who currently plays for Israeli side, Hapoel Ironi Kiryat – Shmona, explained that watching the reigning NPFL champions was the catalyst for his career path as when he graduated from secondary school.

“Watching Enyimba games inspired me to play football and after graduating from secondary school, I started playing professionally. I faced a lot of challenges but overcame them by working hard,” Ex- Olympic Eagles striker said

Onyekachi added that he looked up to former Super Eagles striker Emmanuel Emenike, from where he developed his scoring abilities as a young player.

Though he currently plies his trade in the Israeli league, he says his goal is to play in Western Europe.

“My goals have always been to play in Europe and also get a chance in the national team, I’ll keep trying to have a good season and hope that it will come through .”

Before his move abroad, Onyekachi played in the NPFL, and noted that he enjoyed playing in the league and the experience was great.

On playing for the Under 23 national team the striker said “When I was called up for the ‘Dream Team’, it was one of the best moments of my career because it was my dream to be in the national team.”

Onyekachi says he sees former Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero as his ideal striker.

He concluded by advising young players who desire to play at the highest level to keep working hard and believe in themselves.

Overall, Enyimba FC played a significant role in shaping Peter Onyekachi’s football career, inspiring him to work hard, believe in himself, and pursue his passion for the game with dedication and commitment.

Onyekachi already made 19 appearances this season, scoring 5 goals and making one assist.


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