Ebonyi State All Stars football club new President vows to improve club and members welfare.


The newly elected President of Ebonyi State All Stars Football Club Chief Okwudiri Dike recently made a promise to enhance the welfare of the club and its members. In an effort to improve the overall functioning and development of the club, the President has outlined a number of key areas that will be targeted for improvement.

Firstly, the President has proposed to upgrade the club’s facilities and infrastructure. This includes improving members welfare, changing members mentality and other essential facilities to provide a conducive environment for the players. The aim is to create a space that not only supports the training needs of the players but also boosts their morale and motivation.

Additionally, the president plans to invest in the development of the community and social amenities. By implementing comprehensive training programs for young talents, the club aims to nurture future football stars and provide them with the necessary skills and support to succeed at the professional level.

Furthermore, the president acknowledges the importance of the players’ welfare. Steps will be taken to ensure that the players are well taken care of both on and off the field. This includes providing appropriate medical assistance, offering financial support, and creating a support system to address any personal or emotional challenges they may face.

Moreover, the president aims to establish strong relationships with sponsors, local businesses, and the surrounding community. This will enable the club to secure financial backing and resources, ultimately benefiting both the club and its members.

Speaking to the journalists after his election, Chief Dike says he is committed to bring all stakeholders of the sport to a round table so as to move the sport forward.

The Ebonyi State All Stars president says top on his list will be the resuscitation of the club as well as the welfare of players and officials representing the everything about the club.

“It is very important to resuscitate the club and engender a massive football economy from which every stakeholder can benefit and also be happy to contribute to its growth.

“It is important to prioritize grassroots football and youth development, and that we will take to heart. It is also important to win trophies, and both can go side-by-side. Winning trophies is good for our country’s image in the international sphere and also helps to motivate the upcoming stars at the grassroots level.”

Lastly, the president has emphasized the need for transparency and open communication within the club. Regular meetings will be held to discuss the progress, concerns, and opinions of all members. This inclusive approach is crucial in fostering a sense of unity and ensuring that every member’s voice is heard.

Overall, the new president’s commitment to improving the club and its members’ welfare demonstrates a sincere dedication to the growth and success of Ebonyi State All Stars Football Club. Under their leadership, it is hoped that the club will thrive both on and off the field.


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