Everton fans protest points deduction calling the decision ‘corrupt’


Everton fans marched in their thousands to their stadium ahead of Sunday’s Premier League game against Manchester United in protest at the decision to dock their team a record 10 points for breaching financial rules.

Supporters on the march held up pink cards, which was then repeated inside the stadium, featuring the word ‘corrupt’ and the logo of the Premier League.

One huge banner read: ‘Where there is power, greed and money … there is corruption’.

There is widespread anger at the Merseyside club at the severity of the sanction handed out by a disciplinary commission after Everton went less than £20 million over the maximum losses allowed of £105 million across a three-year period.

This was their first match since the punishment and made for a hostile atmosphere as fans jeered the Premier League anthem before kickoff. Everton went on to lose 3-0 which left them second from bottom of the table.


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