Ambassador Kanu building Enyimba for the future


King Kanu as we all know is not a magician but understands the task ahead since he assumed position as the Chairman of the People’s Elephant and he is strategically tackling it one after the other through his visionary and people-friendly leadership style at Enyimba FC

Many expected the former Super Eagles Captain to consolidate on the last administration’s style of leadership but no, the depth of the foundation predictably speaks of the height of the building, and that’s why he is fixing fundamental issues.

For those who know and understand the true basics of a true successful football side and any other team sports, it takes both skill and patience to build, so Kanu and his management have both in plenitude.

As is very evident for those with the vision at sight, Enyimba FC has recently witnessed a surge in talented young players.

The former Ajax, Inter Milan and Arsenal legend has so much faith in these young lads with bright futures playing for Enyimba FC, He decided to build for the future just as he was discovered and nurtured by those that tutored him with faith and patience before growing to his prime.

While expectations run high for both the team and the management, it is crucial to emphasize the need for patience and nurturing these promising talents.

Arnold H. Glasow said and I quote; “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”

Young players require time and experience to develop their skills and adapt to the demands of professional football.

That’s why Enyimba FC through its working Chairman, Kanu ‘Papilo’ Nwankwo “FIFA Ambassador” is providing a supportive and patient environment for the players, knowing fully well this will foster the growth and maximize the potential of these budding stars.

With proper guidance and opportunities, these youngsters possess a shining future ahead, potentially becoming core pillars of Enyimba FC and bringing glory to both the club, Abia State and Nigerian football.


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