Renowned FIFA licensed agent Eddie Iseri Ogbemudia calls out NFF for lack of dispute resolution chamber


By Mazi Jaka

Eddie Ogbemudia, a respected FIFA licensed agent, has publicly raised concerns about the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) and their handling of players’ contract issues.

Speaking during a recent discussion on a sports-focused platform, sports247.Ng, Eddie shed light on the challenges faced by players in Nigeria and highlighted the absence of a dispute resolution chamber within the NFF to address contract problems effectively.

Eddie’s remarks came during the forum last Friday, where he articulated the complexities surrounding players’ contracts and offered potential solutions to the existing problems.

One glaring issue he pointed out was the NFF’s failure to establish a dispute resolution chamber that could provide a structured framework for addressing contract-related disputes between players and clubs.

Eddie emphasized that the NFF had not been responsive to his complaints on behalf of players regarding contractual issues.

He noted that the world football governing body, FIFA, operates a dispute resolution mechanism known as the Dispute Resolution Chamber that can be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but the NFF lacks a similar chamber.

He urged the NFF to rectify this by creating a platform where players, clubs, and agents can come together to resolve disputes related to contracts.

One alarming revelation from Eddie was that many players have attempted to report instances of unlawful contract termination to the NFF, but formal complaints have often gone unattended.

This laxity has allowed clubs to evade accountability when violating contractual agreements. Eddie stressed the importance of players taking the lead in advocating for the establishment of a dispute resolution chamber within the NFF.

However, he noted that many players seem disinterested in pursuing this cause, as long as their salaries are being paid.

Eddie also disclosed numerous issues reported to the Nigerian Premier Football League (NPFL) that have yet to receive adequate responses.

When players approach the NPFL with complain, they are often directed to the Nigeria Industrial Court.

Unfortunately, the players face further hurdles as they lack the financial resources to hire lawyers to represent them effectively. This puts players in a vulnerable position, unable to access timely resolution for their contractual disputes.

Furthermore, Eddie pointed out the inconsistency within the NPFL’s rules and regulations. While these regulations are in place to protect players from unlawful contract terminations and unpaid wages, there is a stark lack of enforcement when clubs breach these guidelines.

This inconsistency underscores a significant systemic issue within the Nigerian football landscape.

Eddie’s critique underscores the urgent need for reform in the handling of players’ contract disputes within the NFF and the NPFL.

Establishing a transparent and accessible dispute resolution chamber, with clear mechanisms for addressing contractual issues, is crucial to ensuring that players’ rights are protected and that football in Nigeria operates with integrity and fairness.

The issues Eddie has highlighted shed light on the challenges faced by Nigerian footballers and the work that remains to be done to create a fair and equitable system for all parties involved in the sport.

The hope is that these concerns will be taken seriously by the relevant authorities and lead to positive changes that benefit players, clubs, and the overall football landscape in Nigeria.



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