How Enyimba Stadium management is getting the stadium clean and into shape with steady work.


Enyimba Stadium management lead by the stadium manager Hon Ndubuisi Ofoma is taking several steps to ensure the stadium is clean and in proper shape. Here are some of the measures they are implementing:

1. Regular cleaning: The stadium management has established a regular cleaning schedule to ensure the premises are clean and well-maintained. All areas, including seating zones, restrooms, corridors, and entryways, are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

  1. Waste management: Proper waste management systems have been set up within the stadium. Adequate waste bins are strategically placed throughout the facility to encourage spectators and visitors to dispose of their waste appropriately. Staff members are responsible for ensuring that these bins are regularly emptied and maintained.
  1. 2. Maintenance of facilities: The stadium management pays close attention to the maintenance of facilities within the premises. This includes regular inspections and repairs of seats, structures, and overall infrastructure to provide a safe and comfortable experience for visitors.
  1. 3. Groundkeeping: The stadium’s playing surface is meticulously maintained to meet the required standards. Regular mowing, fertilization, and irrigation are conducted to ensure the pitch remains in top condition. Additionally, any necessary repairs, such as turf replacement, are promptly carried out.
  1. 4.Collaborations with cleaning services: The management also collaborated with professional cleaning services to ensure thorough cleaning of the entire stadium. These services are equipped with specialized tools and techniques to efficiently clean large areas and maintain hygiene standards.
  1. 6. Waste reduction and recycling initiatives: To promote sustainability, Enyimba Stadium management may implement waste reduction and recycling initiatives. This includes the placement of recycling bins alongside waste bins, educating spectators about responsible waste disposal, and partnering with recycling organizations to manage the generated waste.
  1. 7. Crowd management: During events and matches, the management invests effort in crowd management to keep the stadium clean and organized. Adequate staff members are deployed to monitor and guide spectators, encouraging them to follow cleanliness protocols and use designated facilities appropriately.

Overall, Enyimba Stadium management is committed to maintaining high cleanliness standards and ensuring that the stadium is in top shape for the comfort and satisfaction of all visitors from around the world.


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