Letter To The President-Elect



The 2023 Presidential Election; Is A Case Of No Victor, No Vanquish

Ordinarily, I should be out there celebrating, I should be on a chariot dancing towards the desert in the aftermath of Senator Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s confirmation as President-Elect of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Instead of celebrating, I have chosen to sit back, review the activities of the last few days and take a definite position. The plight of the Nigeria people is of utmost importance to all of us. Even those of us living abroad, we think so much of what is happening back home and pray daily for a leader that can right the many wrongs.

Nigeria is a country of prayer warriors, the fact that this country is still thriving amidst the many challenges and difficulties confronting the citizens, shows that God is waiting for the perfect time to intervene.

Everything that has transpired in Nigeria between January 25 2023 and now, did not happen behind God. He knows what will happen even before it happens.

He is aware that the Nigeria youths desperately crave for a change from the old order but out of the four key contenders, he chose Asiwaju.

If Asiwaju is not from God, father, let thy will be done.

In the first place, all the alleged manipulations and all the alleged rigging didn’t happen behind God. He knows the heart of men even before the deed is done. Therefore, if God has not endorsed the results and the winner of the polls, the battle is for him not for man.

I want to salute the Nigerian youths, I want to salute the Labour party for giving this their best shot. Looking back at the events of the last few days, one can only agree that the heroes and heroines of this exercise are the millions of Nigerian youths who used the ocassion of the presidential election to make a huge statement.

The mare fact that the Labour party won in Lagos state alone is a testament of the resilience and determination of the youths to take powers from our leaders who have completely failed this nation in all ramifications.

My message to the president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is that, his election as president of this great country didn’t come as a coincidence, it came at the most frustrating time of our National life.

We are at that point when many Nigerian youths are daily taking up the option of suicide as a way out of the economic frustrations. We are at that point when the security of lives and properties can no longer be guaranteed. We are that point when our health and educational systems have collapsed, our naira has completely lost it’s value, our best brains are daily leaving the country for greener pastures abroad, many are dying daily due to serious economic hardship, there countless numbers of divorce cases as marriages are falling apart and the center can no longer hold.

My appeal as a strong believer in you sir, is that as a leader, you should appeal to your supporters to cut down on the celebration, embrace those Nigerians who lost out in this battle and tell them that there is no Victor, No Vanquish.

You have not won sir, you will only win our hearts and that of the opposition if you prove to us that you appreciate our worries and that you are determined to wipe off our tears.

Those Nigerians who did not vote for you, did not do so, because they don’t love you, they did so because they see you as a part of the old order. It is now your duty to make them understand that you are here to assuage their thirst for good governance and wipe off their tears.

For me, supporting you was not out of emotions. I have always seen you as my hero and mentor. I like the doggedness with which you go about getting things done and I am very confident that if there is one man that can rebuild Nigeria, that man, is Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

I beg you sir, please don’t put me to shame. I am a man of the people. Loved by many and disliked by a few. I have my reputation at stake for sticking out my neck for you and I have the believe and confidence that you will not let me down.

Congratulations once again, I wish you the very best as we all look forward to a better Nigeria under the leadership of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. You have done it before, you have given Lagosians free education, free health care, free transportation and so much more. If you can do it then, I believe you can do it again.

Please appeal to your supporters, not to victimize any tribe. The Igbos are wonderful people. Some of them voted for you. Even there in the east, stretching down to the Niger Delta, Nigerians voted for you.

Let’s try and stay united and fight to regain for our beloved Nigeria. We can only do it, if we are determined to stay together and achieve together.

God Bless our President-elect, God bless the federal republic of Nigeria and God bless the Nigeria youths.

Adewale Ajayi
A True Nigerian in the Diaspora


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