After weeks on sabbatical, Aminu Kurfi reappears from the blues to grace Ibrahim Gusau’s Presidential declaration dinner


Looking trimmed and clean in a well ironed black babariga attire and a very expensive shoe to match, Katsina state FA chairman, Aminu Kurfi, appeared refurbished and sharp for the occasion. 

The former chairman of Katsina United football Club, walked up to the podium, greeted with a rousing ovation that sent a message to all, that the jagaban of Nigeria football has finally arrived. 

For close to a month, the man who championed the clarion call for a fresh beginning for Nigerian football, went into perpetual oblivion as top football bigwigs, media men and friends, went on a wild goose chase, not knowing where to find the Nigeria football torch bearer. 

Kurfi sponsored the palace Coup that nipped Amaju’s third term ambition in the bud and revived hopes of a better tomorrow for Nigeria football. 

If not for this Katsina State born politician, the nation’s football will still be struggling to find a way out of the cage it has found itself. A Cage that is loaded with desperate lions who in their desperation to stay on in power, have manufactured lies and silenced stakeholders with cash and kind. 

The intervention of this great son of Katsina state got the applause of football stakeholders and friends of Nigeria football at the last NFF Annual General Assembly held in Lagos state. 

As if that is not enough, the audience again gave him a standing ovation as he stepped on the podium to salute a noble son of Zamfara state, Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau, a man poised for the ultimate seat in Nigeria football. 

Dan Arewa as he is fondly called by his admirers, was quick to emphasize the need for northern unity and the need for the congress to stay united at a time like this when personal interests seem to have taken center stage. 

For him, the best candidate who has the interest of Nigeria football at heart should be elected NFF president but it has to be done in a peaceful and harmonious environment for the good of the game. 

Balele is loved by all and courted by all presidential candidates because of his financial muscle and influence but as it stands, he has remained noncommittal in the face of daunting pressures. 

He single handedly sponsored most of the delegates aspiring for positions on the board by helping them secure nomination forms but has decided to stay away from the contest to pursue his ambition of becoming the representative of Kurfi LGA in the fast approaching National Assembly elections in Katsina state.


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